custom embroided sweatshirts

custom embroided sweatshirts

Whether for marketing, business events, thank you, or promotions, custom embroidered sweatshirts are indeed a trendy and cost-effective option. On the internet, we have always had the broadest range of custom embroidered sweatshirts. Dozens of patterns are available in a multitude of shades in various sizes from XS to 4XL, as well as halfbacks. Our knowledgeable customer service staff is here to help you make decisions and share any information you may have about the embroidery process.

We know that the most recent searches nowadays are for custom embroidered pullovers, embroidered hoodies, and embroidered crewnecks. Isn’t it?

Digit-It has you equipped whether it’s hand-embroidered sweatshirts

Digit-It has you equipped if you’re searching for promotional products for the upcoming company Christmas party, employee appreciation gifts to demonstrate support and recognition for your team, or custom logo-branded items to advertise your business, Digit-It has you equipped. Buying custom embroidered sweatshirts or logo apparel has never been easier, thanks to a wide range of alternatives, a combination of luxury and budget-friendly companies, and a simple process of the organization.

Even for the most tech-savvy buyer, knowing how to get your brand logo ready to be embroidered can be frightening. What embroidery computer file do I use? How can I deliver my embroidery file to you? Here’s a list of the best file types for getting your unique logo embroidered professionally.

The best custom embroidered hoodies and embroidered pullovers

Let us tell you where the logos and digital designs settle on your hoodies and pullovers. The left chest (the wearer’s left) is by far the most preferred position for personalized embroidery on a sweatshirt. Either the middle front or the rear, somewhere below the neckline, is two more effective subtle positions. In any aspect, the layout must not exceed 5″ in length. Further embroidery spots incur an additional fee. One of the following sources is frequently used to create custom embroidered sweatshirts design: Trademarks or artwork (may include text) Current stock layout (may have text added) Theme of minimal text

2022 Trend: Custom Embroidered Crewneck

Let’s just accept that we all love crewnecks and a little aesthetic embroidery on them is like giving custom embroidered sweatshirts five stars.

You’ll know right away with your serial numbers as soon as it receives the logo embroidered template and places your order. After that, our logo digitizers will begin setting up and refining your artwork file for use. We’ll send you a copy of your finished product through email, and once you approve it, our creative team can begin working on your purchase!

Your order will undergo a stringent quality inspection before being packed and shipped to you using the delivery option you choose. When it departs our facility, you will receive a letter with your tracking number.

Quality products for women’s embroidered sweatshirts

We produce all kinds of custom embroidered sweatshirts in our factory, whether you want floral designs for women or one with an abstract for men. The prices listed on each product include free digitizing, and we have different custom embroidery designs and other designs (up to 12,500 stitches) on our website. Be our customer and we promise to bring good quality embroidery. At least twelve. No setup or digitizing fees. Our prices are clearly published, so you don’t have to request a quote. Everything is done in-house by our experienced staff. We control the entire process, from digitizing to packaging (each item is individually folded and poly bagged.) so we can deliver the highest quality product to you.

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Women’s embroidered sweatshirts? What We Do

  • Complimentary personalized embroidery.
  • More than 6,000 items
  • Needlework done throughout
  • a minimum order of 12 pieces
  • Payment simplification
  • There are no maintenance fees.
  • Every article should be folded as well as bagged.


Shipping takes 1-5 working days. For something like an additional fee, expedited solutions and speedy shipment are offered. Let us know when you really need your product and we’ll assist you in selecting the appropriate options.

How It Works:

  • Please send us the trademark for review.
  • Make buying decisions
  • Place your order.
  • Your embroidery layout is prepared by us.
  • With your approval, we’ll email you a preview.
  • After 5 working days of receiving your confirmation, we embroider and send your item.

Need the best floral embroidered sweatshirts? We have 100s of embroidered athletic apparel options.

I was delighted to be accepted by Digit-It, where we would devote ourselves to producing world-class embroidery including custom embroidered sweatshirts. People are frequently obsessed with high-quality polo clothing embroidery, but our sales team is also valued. Did you know that our goal is to have the most embroidered sweatshirts on the internet? We have fantastic news for you if you’re seeking the best deal on embroidery. You’ve discovered it.


Decades of experience.

Our customer service team is praised for providing prompt and thorough support to our clients. Our production team has decades of experience making custom embroidered sweatshirts of the finest quality.


No surprises.

Beyond everything, we keep these things straight. Each product has a set price, which is all and prominently indicated. Once customers order above 12 items, there are no more consulting engagements. You can visit our site as well to get to know about custom embroidered sweatshirts price as well

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